5G and Beyond

Light Reading's 22 Most Popular 5G Stories of 2018

5G has been the hot tech topic of 2018.

From fluffy mainstream features on "What 5G Will Mean for You" to, er, whacky YouTube rants on why 5G equals mind control. Everybody and his -- or her -- dog has something to say on the subject.

2019 may be the year that 5G becomes real. 2018, however, was definitely the year that 5G went viral. And Light Reading was right there in the thick of it.

As you'll see by perusing our top 22 5G stories this year, we delivered our typical hard-hitting reports on the key carriers and vendors, but much more besides, including the 5G roots now being planted in the US, as well early ideas being envisaged for -- yep! -- 6G.

So dig in below:

  1. GSMA Loses Two Top Execs
  2. Verizon's Stone Says Initial Fixed 5G Will Need Truck Rolls
  3. Verizon Shows the Shape of 5G to Come
  4. 5G in the USA: Where We At?
  5. Verizon Confirms Mobile 5G in 'Early' 2019
  6. Nokia Reels In $3.5B 5G Deal With T-Mobile US
  7. Huawei's $800M 5G Budget Piles Pressure on Ericsson, Nokia
  8. Profits Crash at Nokia's Networks Biz
  9. Piecing Together the 5G Big Picture
  10. DT Ditches Nokia From Its German Radio Access Network
  11. Nokia, Samsung Miss Out as Three UK Gives 5G Job to Huawei
  12. 5G Fixin' to Become 'Largest Existential Threat' to Broadband Providers – Analysts
  13. Ericsson Links 5G Hands With Juniper & ECI, Snubs Cisco & Ciena
  14. Orange Rules Out Huawei for 5G in France
  15. Verizon's Hakl on 5G Rollout & Company Reorganization
  16. A 5G Device Timeline for 2018 & Beyond
  17. BT's McRae: Huawei Is 'the Only True 5G Supplier Right Now'
  18. Ericsson Back in Profit After Fierce Cuts & 5G Action
  19. Nokia, Samsung Are Beating Ericsson in 5G Sales to AT&T, Says Analyst
  20. Verizon's Fixed 5G: A Cable Alternative Is Coming!
  21. Don't Laugh, Charter Is Testing '6G' Wireless
  22. Ericsson vs. Nokia: Who's Ahead in 5G Right Now?

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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