Light Reading Audience Extension
Light Reading Audience Extension

Boost your returns on social media advertising with our first party data

  • Social media advertising is very popular with telco suppliers investing across favourite including LinkedIn and Meta.

  • Social networks have billions of users. Platforms let you target audience segments through specific segments. But clients have been unable to specifically target the highly engaged Light Reading audience as they surf the web and social media.

  • Light Reading's new Audience Extension service helps customers pinpoint perfect buyers and enhance market impact by directing social media and native advertisements exclusively towards our engaged readership.

  • We offer a diverse range of digital platforms including LinkedIn, Meta and Native ads across the web.

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Stand Alone Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising with Light Reading Audience Extension

  • Target billions of social media readers on the web.

  • Target the Light Reading audience as they surf the web and social media.

  • Leverage audience segmentation features

  • Light Reading audience is fully engaged in the telco industry.

  • Maximise buyer intent

  • 76% are decision makers

  • 1M+ page views per month

  • 400K+ users per month

  • 35% YoY user growth