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Fast-growing ZTE, free to buy US tech, is a nightmare for Biden

China's second-biggest network equipment maker is allowed to buy US technology and supply that to Chinese mobile operators, raising awkward questions for America's new president.

Rural will rev Altice USA's broadband growth – analyst

The operator could lose some share in Fios territories on the east coast, but its underpenetrated, less competitive (and underappreciated) rural markets have 'unusually high potential,' new study finds.

Korea's LG Uplus taps Nokia small cells for 5G

Korean operator takes steps to improve indoor 5G connectivity following complaints over patchy coverage.

Eurobites: Millicom is out of Africa

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia combines with Edzcom on private 5G network; Lycamobile has a new boss; Ericsson bags design prize.

NGMN brings together US and Chinese operators for 6G

Amid noisy international 6G saber-rattling from Chinese, European and North American groups, the NGMN is warning that 'fragmentation is not forward looking or sustainable.'

Cato dips toe in telco waters with KDDI collab

Partnering with a tier 1 service provider is a new move for Cato, which historically competed with telcos on the SD-WAN front and dubbed itself the 'un-carrier' of managed SD-WAN services.

CableLabs takes on role of convergence catalyst

CableLabs is spearheading two initiatives – a group made of up execs from service providers and an advisory council comprised of vendors – focused on driving collaboration and scale around network and service convergence.

Telstra, I Squared in PCCW Global tilt – report

Australian telco Telstra has been making a play for HKT's international unit PCCW Global.

With pent-up demand, competitive intensity in wireless primed to detonate

Verizon is now applying discounts to phones with cracked screens. That's just one indication among several of how the US wireless landscape could soon get a lot more competitive.

Best FRANDs: Apple gets a new day in court over IP

Big Tech faced a hot summer of $3.7B royalty fines in Texas courts, but now one judge says 'hang on there, cowboy' and vacates a $0.5B ruling.

South Korea adopts 5G network sharing to boost rural 5G

Move comes as three MNOs are set to face more competition from MVNOs in the area of 5G data plans.

Dell spins off VMware and winds in its $49B debt

Dell bought cloud virtualization star VMware in 2016, and it's booming. But the company is spinning it off to write down a $49 billion debt.

Eurobites: Vodafone UK trials drones for easier network upgrades

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Romania bans Huawei; VEON co-CEO steps down; Nokia claims mmWave breakthrough; hologram pizzas.

WiCipedia: A cybersecurity PR blunder for the ages

This week in our WiC roundup: A cybersecurity PR blunder; Amazon makes commitment to hire minority employees into senior roles; the evolution of diversity in space travel; and more.

AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile offer unlimited 5G disappointment

The big three US carriers continue to tout new networks, but they remain relatively indifferent about helping customers connect without traditional telco frustrations.

The 1970s comeback in UK telecom is a new virus

A government-appointed taskforce wants to interfere in the decisions that operators make about their suppliers, according to a report.

Shaw's wireless biz waxes as wireline wanes

Extending a theme that has taken hold at the Canadian company in recent quarters, Shaw's cable pay-TV and broadband business continued to shed subscribers in fiscal Q2 as its mobile business gained more ground.

Cable ops to be 'surgical' with latest Wi-Fi tech

Wi-Fi 6E will eventually reach the masses, but cable operators will likely use the technology early on targeted, app-driven situations for wireless set-tops, cloud gaming services and in Wi-Fi-constrained MDU environments.

Verizon's other network buildout focuses on location tech

Verizon's new hyper-sensitive location service relies on several dozen Real Time Kinematics (RTK) reference stations the operator has constructed across the US.

SKT to spin off its non-telecom businesses

SK Telecom is to spin off its non-core businesses to maximize the value of its chip and digital services investments.

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