Verizon's Fixed 5G: A Cable Alternative Is Coming!

Verizon's latest video about its deployment of millimeter wave fixed wireless access 5G demonstates Verizon's intentions with its 5G network: taking on cable.

Nobody actually says it in the video, but the service is clearly nearly ready to be offered as an alternative to competitor's cable. Verizon shows off the 28GHz system serving gigabit -- or near gigabit -- speeds to apartment buildings, through windows and walls. (See Verizon's Fixed 5G: Are You Ready for the Wireless Gig Rush?)

Verizon uses a window or roof-mounted 28GHz antenna to grab the 5G signal, which is distributed via WiFi from a home router indoors. This is why the video briefly references walls, glass and folliage; Verizon wants to illustrate that ongoing concerns about 5G's in-building penetration are not really a issue. (See Nokia Bell Labs & Verizon Stretch Fixed 5G to the Home and Could 5G Have Found Its Glass Ceiling?)

Verizon intends to deploy the fixed wireless 5G in up to five markets by the end of 2018. Los Angeles and Sacramento, Calif., are the only named markets so far. Exactly where it will be deployed in each market and what Verizon will charge isn't known yet. (See 5G in the USA: A Post-BCE Update.)

If the 5G offering takes off, however, expect the company to start to really put the pedal to the metal in 2019.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

kq4ym 6/11/2018 | 9:33:48 AM
Re: Verizon’s new foray can create new PUC standards for reliable Wireless services I had not thought about the probable necessity of frequent antenna aiming as those very very short radio  waves will most likey be beaming very narrowly and in order to obtain the hightest speeds and most reliable signal is going to be more critical than most might have realizied.
[email protected] 6/7/2018 | 3:52:20 PM
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Joe Stanganelli 5/30/2018 | 9:57:51 PM
Re: Antennae & radiation concerns Ha! No doubt! Which will arouse even more balking, I suspect.
DanJones 5/30/2018 | 9:01:28 AM
Re: Antennae & radiation concerns Verizon would rather have window-mount antenna installed by the user, much cheaper than roof-mount.
Joe Stanganelli 5/29/2018 | 11:51:23 PM
Antennae & radiation concerns Apartment dwellers and condo owners are already concerned as it is about radiation from roof-mounted antennae. I can't imagine they'll be thrilled about 5G-equipment installation for these purposes.

It'll happen, of course, but there will be complaints.
Clifton K Morris 5/29/2018 | 8:41:46 PM
Verizon’s new foray can create new PUC standards for reliable Wireless services For far too long, local PUCs have had hands tied when it comes to enforcement of advertised services and rates in comparison to actual service delivered. New president from New York-based Verizon can finally help define standards. Thusly, a new service like this may be just what is needed to ensure customers get advertised rates and quality of service. Still, this *is* Verizon and there’s already an interesting situation where Verizon services still can’t adequately stream “DIRECTV Now” content reliably on DSL, or mobile network. Now it’s also eager to get into content distribution. Sounds fun!

Still, Good luck with the line-of-sight handicap where mmWave-band signals have trouble penetrating a cardboard box or glass. It also makes you wonder how well the service will work in snow, sleet, rain affect reliability of their signal.. Seems like a money pit to maintain. Maybe they need to include annual antenna re-aiming (for wind and weather) as part of the plan. Besides, if fiber is already in the sidewalk right of way, chances are there’s no caps on alternative services in the area.
DanJones 5/25/2018 | 6:59:35 PM
Re: Hold tight With smart antennas and beamforming mmWave becomes much more suitable for fixed wireless.
Michelle 5/25/2018 | 4:42:25 PM
Hold tight There's been so much hype around 5G, I can't wait for reality arrive. I just want to know if 5G is as good as promised. Now, I want to know more about Verizon's fixed option... What are the challenges and opportunities? Why 5G and not something else before now?
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