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Dish fealty to AWS risks 'vendor lock-in' and open RAN fallout

The company building America's fourth mobile network does not appear to share policymakers' concerns about the dominance of the public clouds.

Rakuten's Tareq Amin: Battling legacy thinking and network complexity

Tareq Amin, group chief technology officer at Rakuten Mobile, discusses his company's open RAN deployments and the evolution of a new kind of mobile network.

Hat in hand, open RAN cheerleaders zoom to Washington

According to open RAN proponents, the technology can improve everything from cybersecurity to the digital divide – as long as lawmakers cough up a little funding.

Rakuten finally picks up the iPhone

Japan's newest operator can expect a surge of interest in its service after adding the country's most popular mobile gadget to its catalog.

Ericsson is back to boringly good, but China threats loom

The Swedish equipment vendor delivers another strong set of results for its first quarter as geopolitics continues to affect its business.

Vodafone lab to show open RAN does exactly what it says on the tin

The test and integration lab at its Newbury headquarters will be a catalyst for the new-look technology, the UK operator hopes.

UK risks own goal with open RAN diversity plan

The British government is pushing through an 'open' agenda that will restrict operators' freedom of choice.

The 1970s comeback in UK telecom is a new virus

A government-appointed taskforce wants to interfere in the decisions that operators make about their suppliers, according to a report.

Tiny Montana operator voices support for open RAN

Triangle Telephone Cooperative (TTC) is based in Central Montana and counts around 17,000 subscribers. It's considering ripping out Huawei's core and replacing it with open RAN equipment.

Xilinx and Mavenir hail massive MIMO breakthrough for open RAN

The companies promise a 64T64R radio unit competitive with the best from traditional players by late 2021.

Huawei gives another thumbs-down to open RAN – or so it says

The 5G equipment giant seems to be one of the only telecom companies in China that is not crazy about open RAN.

Dish's 5G sales pitch thickens around security

Dish Network is now promising 'a cloud-native solution that integrates network security from the foundation up.' Nokia, Allot and Palo Alto Networks are providing the details.

Afghanistan gets open RAN – Africa, Asia eye it

Open RAN comes to Afghanistan, as Etisalat partners with Parallel Wireless – and operators eye the developing world as prime networks to open up.

Heavy Reading's Gabriel Brown: Exploring the world of open RAN

Heavy Reading analyst Gabriel Brown offers up a preview of the upcoming two-day Open RAN World Digital Conference.

Ericsson opens lab to polish its cloud RAN credentials

Ericsson launches an open lab to work on virtualized 5G RAN, part of its campaign to head off virtualization and cloud RAN moves by Samsung and Nokia.

Rakuten Mobile clocks 'throughput' of 1.77 Gbit/s

Supplier partner Altiostar says performance of Japan's open RAN operator compares 'favorably' with other mobile networks in the country.

Nokia is pulling up its 5G SoCs

Firefighter, repairman and architect, Tommi Uitto is knocking the Finnish vendor's 5G business into shape.

Samsung Networks lands DoCoMo for 5G open RAN

Samsung Networks has landed yet another major 5G customer, signing with NTT DoCoMo to supply open RAN and related solutions.

Etisalat hops on board RCP bandwagon

Group looks to fast-track open RAN deployments by teaming up with Japan's Rakuten Mobile.

Nokia ties with cloud's big three in private mobile network push

Finnish vendor announces partnerships with AWS, Azure and Google with an initial focus on private mobile networks for enterprises.

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