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Continuous Intros System

BARCELONA -- Continuous Computing®, global provider of integrated systems and services that enable telecom equipment manufacturers to rapidly deploy Next Generation Networks (NGN), today announced a new AdvancedTCA (ATCA) system capable of supporting deep packet inspection at 10Gbps line rates to deliver application-aware traffic management and aggregation. The bladed solution provides enhanced security capabilities to detect and prevent unauthorised access, protect against denial of service attacks, and facilitate virus scanning in new IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) networks - all important benefits for carriers deploying NGN applications.

Continuous Computing's ATCA traffic management and security system provides telecom equipment manufacturers with a proven platform that enables them to expedite the rollout of new "content-aware" network elements considered essential to deliver high quality and secure IP networks. Fully integrated, off-the-shelf ATCA systems from Continuous Computing deliver a number of business advantages including lower development costs, reduced technical and commercial risks, and deployment time savings of up to 18 months - a substantial decrease.

"This new ATCA traffic management and security system maps directly to Continuous Computing's vision of staying ahead of the demand for enabling technology and creating integrated platforms that deliver on the rapidly escalating requirements of the telecom market," said Mike Dagenais, chief executive officer of Continuous Computing. "Traffic management and security are becoming increasingly important in next generation networking environments."

Continuous Computing Corp.

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