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Why Fly With WiFi?

The market for inflight wireless LAN services could be set for a turbulent ride according to the early results of Unstrung’s July poll.

To date a glut of airline carriers have outlined plans to roll out onboard wireless LAN Internet access for business-class propellerheads (see WLAN Takes to the Skies, Korean Air Connexs Up, Boeing Connects ANA, and Roger, Tango, WLAN).

Based on the poll responses so far, 33 percent of readers claim it will take at least six years for such services to become widely available on airlines. A further 21 percent argue it will never become a commercial service.

The results also show:

  • A mixed response on whether the availability of wireless LAN connectivity would affect a passenger’s decision to fly on a particular carrier. Fifty percent of readers say it would make a difference, but 33 percent reckon it depends on the price. Seventeen percent are unimpressed with any potential offering.

  • $10 or less is the optimum price for onboard wireless LAN access. Better still, make it free.

  • It makes good business sense to install the service throughout the plane. Yes, that does include cattle class.

    Click here to take the poll yourself and see the latest results.

    — Justin Springham, Senior Editor, Europe, Unstrung

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