Time to Diversify Into Software

It's my first day working for a mega-media empire. Where to begin? Perhaps by convincing my Light Reading colleagues that the next logical step for the company is to enter the service management software business. This bold move is a needed competitive response to Motive Inc.'s recent entry into telecom publishing. This shifty software shop is trying to sneak onto our turf by releasing BROADBAND 2.0, "the first magazine dedicated to supporting broadband service providers through the successful delivery and management of next-generation services." Leave it to a software company to try to upsell its customers on any kind of 2.0 release. Of course, Motive did warn us about such a move back in the fall when announcing it was abandoning the enterprise market to focus exclusively on broadband. Naively, I interpreted that to mean software for broadband providers. However, it appears the company could be intent on attacking all aspects of the broadband industry value chain. Today it's publishing. Tomorrow, could it be CPE, DSLAMs or edge routers? As any good executroid knows, it's critical to wield one's influence swiftly and decisively when joining a new organization. Watch me move on this one. Sound the alarm! Unleash the Attack Monkey! Backed by Light Reading's London-based multibillion-pound parent, we can swing a mighty hammer. With the growing cadre of domestic software developers looking for jobs after theirs have gone offshore, we can assemble a powerful product suite quickly. And boy does Light Reading know what broadband service providers crave in their back offices. I just need to get the team around here motiv-ated. Let's add that to the agenda for tomorrow's staff meeting. - Michael Harris, Light Reading's Cable Digital News
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