The Apes in Spain

9:40 AM -- Reuters brings us the happy conclusion to a story we first discussed here back in April (see From Ape to Caballero):

    Spain's parliament is to declare support for rights to life and freedom for great apes on Wednesday, apparently the first time any national legislature will have recognized such rights for non-humans.

    Parliament is to ask the government to adhere to the Great Ape Project, which would mean recognizing that our closest genetic relatives should be part of a "community of equals" with humans, supporters of the resolution said.
Only "equals"? Well. Muchos Gracias. It's a start.

— Larry, Great Monkey, Light Reading

CoolLightGeek 12/5/2012 | 3:50:26 AM
re: The Apes in Spain Rumor has it the the timing of this proclamation by the Spanish government coincides with the selection of a pair of 800 lb gorillas to be used as defensemen in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Making it pass the round of 16 is now the primary goal of politicians in Spain. Expect countermeasures by France's diplomats.

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