Sprint Fires Back at T-Mobile With Unlimited Guarantee

That didn't take long! Sprint is already responding to T-Mobile's taunts with a pricing shakeup of its own.

The third largest U.S. carrier, fresh off its mergers with Clearwire and Softbank, announced new rate plans Thursday that start at $80 for unlimited data. It also guaranteed its customers they could keep that unlimited data, along with unlimited voice and text, for as long as they stay with Sprint. The promise applies to new and existing customers that sign up for Sprint's new Unlimited My Way plan or My All-in plan, both of which go live Friday.

The Unlimited My Way family plans lets users pick how many lines they want to add to a $50 unlimited voice and text plan at a rate of $30 per month for unlimited smartphone data or $10 per month on basic phones. This type of plan would have previously cost $110 on Sprint. Non-unlimited fans can opt for 1GB of data for $20 or not add data at all. Mobile hotspot functionality costs another $10 per month for 1GB. The My All-in plan gives users unlimited talk, text and data and 5GB of hotspot usage for $110.

Why this matters
Sprint always left some wiggle room in its plans for unlimited data in the past. The executive line was that right now they intended to keep unlimited data plans, but they could re-evaluate. It looks like having Clearwire and Softbank's spectrum wrapped has given it the confidence in network capacity it needs to guarantee unlimited.

The new plans also come just one day after rival T-Mobile announced new pricing plans and LTE progress, not to mention took some shots at the competition’s pricing practices. Sprint's new plans may entice some wireless users fed up with AT&T and Verizon's tiered practices, but they are also designed to fend off T-Mobile's advances. Magenta's newly unveiled Simple Choice family plans cost $100 for four lines with unlimited talk, texting and up to 500MB of data, and with no credit check required.

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— Sarah Reedy, Senior Editor, Light Reading

Sarah Thomas 7/12/2013 | 2:20:58 PM
re: Sprint Fires Back at T-Mobile With Unlimited Guarantee It's good that Sprint made this move because I think some of its customers were uncertain about the future of their unlimited. CEO Dan Hesse says that's because of rumors it'd go away, but it's also because Sprint has wavered so far and never promised it in the past. Plus, it already started capping its tablet plans, so its customers were right to worry.
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