Sirocom Offers Fixed Tariff

SURREY, U.K. -- Sirocom, the UK's fastest growing VNO, today announces the launch of Siroconnect Price Bundling, a simple fixed-price monthly tariff, designed to support and encourage widespread enterprise mobility. The service, developed in conjunction with iPass, will enable affordable, easy to budget remote access, pooled hours, per monthly cost, irrespective of access method or location.

Barrie Desmond, Director of Business Development for Sirocom, explains, "At present, remote access is billed according to provider, access and geographical region, with wildly differing costs across the board. This makes budgeting for your home and roam workers increasingly unpredictable and difficult to manage, effectively limiting the adoption of remote working."

"What we're offering is a simple, secure and cost-effective route that will remove the cost management issues associated with roaming workers, and enable organisations to benefit from the related productivity gains and competitive advantage."

Sirocom Ltd.

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