Making the Switch to Cable Phone

Two items of note on this fine Friday, both relating to consumers switching to cable-delivered telephone services. Item one. Last week a 'Cox Digital Phone Now Available' flyer arrived in my mailbox. Of course I had to give it a try. I placed an order to switch two lines over to Cox and within a week they arrived for the install, which went off without a hitch, including local number porting. Given the moves into VoIP by Cox and others, I was of course expecting a PacketCable E-MTA as the customer premises equipment. Wrong. A line-powered, circuit-switched network interface unit was installed next to the existing box from the LEC on the side of our house. The nice thing is the install required less than an hour and there was no need to adjust my in-home wiring. A nice reality check for this IP technology junkie, though. Never forget: old technology dies hard! My plain-vanilla POTS via cable works well and is priced to sell. But, if I want cool features, guess I'll have to use a SIP-based VoIP service through my cable modem connection. Item two. Comcast executives in Atlanta say they are signing up 1,000 new customers per day for the MSO's new VoIP service in that market. That's a red-hot run rate. See http://www.philly.com/mld/philly/news/13494903.htm for details.

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