Light Reading Hits 100K

Light Reading passed a milestone last week when it generated its 100,000th document -- giving us an excuse to rake over some of the more outrageous and amusing things that we've published since we launched this Website in February 2000. So here goes:

Year 2000

  • Document No. 254: Nortel Buys a Monster Crossconnect
    The price that Nortel is paying for Xros also ought to raise some eyebrows. The startup only has 90 staff, so the bill comes to around $36 million a person. — Light Reading

  • Document No. 377: The Last Laugh Is On Lucent
    Getting off on the wrong foot with you-know-who

  • Document No. 626: Avici Battles Weight Problem
    And this didn't exactly put us on good terms with Avici Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: AVCI; Frankfurt: BVC7)!

  • Document No. 1342: Wu-Fu Chen: In It for the Long Haul
    "In the old days people said, 'We make money the old-fashioned way; we earn it.' But in optical networking we say, 'We make money the new-fashioned way -- we print it!' " — Wu Fu Chen (remember him?)

  • Document No. 1355: Life After Corvis
    Three years ago, if somebody told you a networking company with no revenues and a secret product would go public and attain a $37 billion valuation within a week, you would have told them they were crazy. That exact scenario happened last week. — Light Reading

  • Document No. 1428: The Top Ten Movers and Shakers' Has-Been Bin
    Rich McGinn? Stick a fork in him. He's done. — Light Reading on you-know-who's CEO at the time

  • Document No. 1883: Corvis On Track for First Revenues
    One-time Corvis spinmeister Shyam Jha plays up Corvis revenues. If anybody is wondering where Shyam Jha is, he's become a professor of business.

  • Document No. 2157: Telcordia's Osmine Gold Mine
    Light Reading annoys Telcordia Technologies Inc.

    Year 2001

  • Document No 4009: Internet Core Router Test
    Light Reading's verdict on its core router test, which led to a PR battle with Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO)

  • Document No. 5445: Alcatel, Lucent Throw in the Towel
    "How could anyone think this was a good idea?" an executive with one startup that competes with both companies said anonymously today. "Neither company acquires well. There's a lot of conflict, a lot of serious overlap in product lines that could keep them snarled for years." — Light Reading

  • Document No. 6288: Tachion Trolls for Cash
    The story that launched a message board that still attracts a cult following.

  • Document No. 7631 Startup Spins Novel Network Processor
    Interesting network processor architecture, pity about the company name... Cogmenahamenahamena... — Light Reading

    Year 2002

  • Document No. 18247: WorldCom's Grubby Secrets
    "At the time it seemed like a good idea, but looking back, we shouldn’t have done that" — Bert Roberts, Chairman, WorldCom Inc., on the $400 million loan to Bernard Ebbers

  • Document 13361: Yipes Joins Chapter 11 Club
    "Bankruptcy gives us another vehicle with which to restructure our balance sheet" — Jerry Parrick, CEO, Yipes Enterprise Services Inc.

  • Document 13936: WorldCom to Cut Capex?
    The first signs of trouble at WorldCom

  • Document 17338: Has Huawei Got Cisco's Number?
    Huawei's growing power first catches Cisco's eye.
  • Document 24087: Searching for BobbyMax
    Running a technology message board is a bit like running a lunatic asylum, with one difference: The patients in an asylum are sometimes curable. — Light Reading

    Year 2003

  • Document 27356: Cisco/Huawei Brawl Begins
  • Document 30269: Huawei Admits Copying
    Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. runs into a spot of bother.

  • Document 42631: Introducing... Normenscatoni!
    Light Reading plays God.

  • Document 43834: Headcount: Offshoring, Dude!
    The article that triggered one of the biggest message boards on Light Reading.

    Year 2004

  • Document 46774: B. Max R.I.P.
    BobbyMax runs into a spot of bother (but now he's found a new home)

  • Document 49130: Nortel Rattles Nerves
    Nortel's numbers start to unravel.

  • Document 51869: Nortel Stock Dives on Dunn Downfall
    Nortel's Dunn with its CEO. "Financial accountability will become our watchwords," says new CEO Bill Owens.

  • Document 55172: Huawei in Spying Flap
    Huawei runs into another spot of bother.

  • Document 52772: Telcordia Nearly Blew Granite Deal
  • Document 57434: Telcordia With Fries?
  • Document 57577: Telcordia: Let’s Split
  • Document 58039: Morale Fatale
  • Document 58071: Inside Telcordia's Discord
    Light Reading annoys Telcordia some more.

    Year 2005

  • Document 82967 Ericsson Buys Bulk of Marconi
    Marconi disappears.

  • Document 79214 Light Reading Enters Chapter 2
    UBM Acquires Light Reading.

  • Document 84726: Strip-Club Scandal CEO Quits
    Another CEO is stripped of his post.

    Year 2006

  • Document 91869: Alcatel, Lucent Seal Deal
    2001 merger back on.

  • Document 97442: There's a New Bully on the Block
    Consolidation continues.

  • Document 99265: Pressure Piles on Huawei, ZTE
    Huawei runs into a further spot of bother.

  • Document 100000: You just read it!

    — The Staff, Light Reading

  • PhGeek 12/5/2012 | 3:46:48 AM
    re: Light Reading Hits 100K My all-time favorite was the humorous March, 2000 column by Stephen Saunders on "How To Build A Successful Optical Networking Startup"


    "Step 3: Do Not Develop A Product

    About six months after starting your company youGll face your first real crisis. Some of those engineers you hired will get bored and try to build a product.

    They must be stopped.

    You have two options:

    -+ Gather the rest of the marketing department; shout things like, GǣWhat do those clowns think theyGre doing?Gǥ and wrestle them to the ground
    -+ Buy them a bigger whiteboard and some new magic markers (itGs just like giving crayons to kidsGkeeps them quiet for days) "

    I thought this quote was in there, too, but actually was in the description of "About the Top 10 Private Companies" in December, 2000:

    " * People -- Grey-haired CEO in place? Check. Truth-challenged VP of marketing on board? Check. "

    Those were the days.

    firstmiler 12/5/2012 | 3:46:40 AM
    re: Light Reading Hits 100K How did you not include the Tachion Trolls or Headcount: OffShoring Dude ?

    Definitely two of the most humorous, provocative, and prolific threads in the brief history of LR.

    Belzebutt 12/5/2012 | 3:46:39 AM
    re: Light Reading Hits 100K "Corvis, the company with a secret product and not a penny of reported revenue, has a valuation equal to that of General Motors (NYSE:GM), one of the largest automakers in the world."

    And it seemed to kind of make sense at the time.
    pastel 12/5/2012 | 3:46:38 AM
    re: Light Reading Hits 100K I concur. How can you leave out Tachion. It helped make LR!!!
    Peter Heywood 12/5/2012 | 3:46:37 AM
    re: Light Reading Hits 100K Good point. I'll add them.
    Ben_Stern 12/5/2012 | 3:46:36 AM
    re: Light Reading Hits 100K Ah yes ... Document No. 6288: Tachion Trolls for Cash. My favorite. Thanks Peter.

    "Shut up. Sit down. I told you not to be stupid you moron!" - Ben Stern
    googol_byte 12/5/2012 | 3:46:32 AM
    re: Light Reading Hits 100K You can't pay homage to BobbyMax and not mention OpticalGuy. BMax was a boob, but OG was a God. And he paid for his sins with his job!
    chip_mate 12/5/2012 | 3:46:24 AM
    re: Light Reading Hits 100K peter,
    don't listen to pastel.
    tachion is not worthy of anything more than assigning to decaying memory brain cells.

    these guys are the ultimate 'self-promoters'.
    you give these clowns an inch they'll take up a mile of your message boards.

    the humour in this article is looking back and remembering things that were funny.
    it's not funny if pastel has been chatting about them for months without end.
    how do you 'look back' on a topic that this guy living in his folks basement has brought up as recently as last week?

    just my nickel (i read the penny is going away...)
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