Honorable Mentions: Oct. 17

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Following are the most widely read stories linked from Matt's Mentions for the week ending Oct. 14, 2011:

  1. OK, Now I Get It: Here's Why Apple Launched the iPhone 4S Instead of the iPhone 5
  2. BlackBerry Users Vent Frustrations on Third Day of Service Disruption
  3. The 1971 Article About Phone Hacking That Inspired Steve Jobs
  4. Steve Jobs on Why He Wore Turtlenecks
  5. BlackBerry Service Update
  6. Light Reading's 2011/2012 Salary Survey
  7. Cutting the Cord: How the World's Engineers Built Wi-Fi
  8. Mobile Devices Seen Doubling by 2020
  9. Nokia’s Secret OS to Address Sliding Position in Emerging Markets
  10. Data's Impact on Operator Models
— Matt Donnelly, Managing Editor, Pyramid Research

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