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SlideshowInfrastructure Automation Will Heat Up in 2018

kq4ym 1/9/2018 | 12:49:47 PM
Re: Moving forward Yes, it will be interesting to watch the market for developers as automation moves forward, As noted "developers now can manage a single automation platform that can automate entire hybrid data center architectures," and that should also mean there may well be a lessening of demand for employers looking for hire developers if they're not longer needed in such numbers.
Michelle 12/31/2017 | 5:52:54 PM
Re: Moving forward Developers will hopefully have additional opportunities in 2018. I wonder if the field will continue to see shortages of good workers. I think the new year is going to be really interesting.
Ariella 12/31/2017 | 11:36:29 AM
Re: Moving forward @Michelle true, it is a lot more difficult to detect what's missing than to find what's there. So you need to have a comprehensive picture to work off of in comparing to what you actually have and find what needs to be filled in.
Michelle 12/30/2017 | 4:24:04 PM
Moving forward You've done a great job illustrating how automation usage will increase in 2018. It seems this is a great time for developers to help feel the gaps (since they're hard to find).
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