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Dialogic Targets Video

BARCELONA -- Dialogic Corporation ("Dialogic"), a global leader in providing world class products and technologies for media processing, today announced support for the 3G-324M interface on its award-winning Dialogic Multimedia Platform (MMP) for ATCA, further advancing its industry-leadership position.

Dialogic MMP with 3G-324M interface enables Dialogic customers to drastically reduce the cost and footprint of their ATCA-based video solutions deployed in the 3G wireless networks compliant with 3GPP Releases 99 and 4.

With introduction of this key feature, the Dialogic MMP combines the 3G-324M gateway function with multimedia processing on a single blade. In addition, the general-purpose Intel Architecture (IA) processor at the heart of the ATCA hardware platform now can be used to run customer applications or middleware, making it possible to create entire solutions, such as video portals, in a single ATCA slot. Previously, multiple hardware units were required to deliver a multimedia server with 3G-324M connectivity.

Dialogic Corp. (Nasdaq: DLGC)

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