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ZettaCom Has Designs on Fujitsu

In a tough time for startups -- particularly chip startups -- ZettaCom Inc. appears to have scored a coup, selling chip designs to Fujitsu Network Communications Inc. (FNC) in a deal that reportedly bested Applied Micro Circuits Corp. (AMCC) (Nasdaq: AMCC).

A source close to the chipmaker says ZettaCom's newest chips, the ZSF500 switch fabric and ZTM552 traffic manager, are designed into Fujitsu's FlashWave 5500, an upcoming IP metro box. Fujitsu may be using ZettaCom's first-generation Z200 switch fabric as well. ZettaCom reportedly won the contract at the expense of AMCC, one of the few vendors shipping comparable chips.

Dollar figures for the deal were not available, but the source said the sales would represent "multiple millions of dollars" -- not bad for chips that sell in the sub-$1,000 range.

ZettaCom officials declined to comment, and Fujitsu and AMCC representatives could not be reached for comment.

The ZSF500 and ZTM552 are designed to handle IP, ATM, and TDM traffic at line speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s (see ZettaCom Unveils Terabit Switch Fabric and ZettaCom Manages Traffic).

Both chips could substantially define the personality of the 5500. The switch fabric -- the central chip that forwards packets to the proper egress port -- is often the starting point that determines the architecture of a switch or router. And the traffic manager, which controls and prioritizes the queues leading into a switch fabric, is a complex device that many vendors say is necessary for implementing quality of service (QOS) at high speeds (see Traffic Manager Chips).

ZettaCom's chipset is "probably one of the most integrated and lowest power in the market," says Jeremy Bunting, a semiconductor analyst with Thomas Weisel Partners, although he added that AMCC's appears to be the only comparable chipset shipping.

Bunting hadn't heard about the Fujitsu win but says it's feasible that incumbent equipment providers would talk with ZettaCom. "I would expect them to continue to gain traction. I'm not surprised if they were talking design wins."

To date, ZettaCom's done very little talking, aside from a few mumbles about multiple design wins with anonymous high-profile OEMs. It's been a frustrating market for the chip vendors still standing in this space: Many say they've scored major design wins, but they also say they're sworn to silence by customers (see Net Processors Brace for Shakeout).

The Fujitsu win, if true, could be a tremendous boost for ZettaCom. Dozens of startups have tackled network processors and related chips, only to be felled by the combined blows of recession and overpopulation, and the short lifespans in this sector have made OEMs skittish about working with small companies. Even so, competition continues to brew, particularly in the area of switch fabrics (see Switch Fabric Chips Rewrite the Rules, Intel Backs Another Switch Chip and Tau Touts Cheap Switch Fabric).

ZettaCom was founded to develop a whole suite of packet-switching silicon, including network processors, switch fabrics, and a traffic management chip. The network processor was scrapped, a victim of the telecom recession, but ZettaCom continues to sell the other chips.

— Craig Matsumoto, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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GoneWithTheWind 12/4/2012 | 9:16:38 PM
re: ZettaCom Has Designs on Fujitsu How is Fujitsu doing these days? I've seen news
releases about new products, but nothing about
new customers.

Anybody care to speculate on their short-term
or long-term existence?
next-gen-wisdom 12/4/2012 | 9:16:37 PM
re: ZettaCom Has Designs on Fujitsu short term = selling nothing
long term = selling less
GoneWithTheWind 12/4/2012 | 9:16:35 PM
re: ZettaCom Has Designs on Fujitsu Does this mean that they will have another
layoff, and if so, before or after Christnas?

Any thoughts on Fujitsu transferring all its
software R&D back to Japan, the way that
Samsung is planning to do back to S. Korea?
pablo 12/4/2012 | 9:16:34 PM
re: ZettaCom Has Designs on Fujitsu http://www.semiseek.com/News/p...

Sounds like slightly more than "nothing", or doesn't it? :-)
turismo 12/4/2012 | 9:16:33 PM
re: ZettaCom Has Designs on Fujitsu I found it very amusing when I read this article and found that the three key companies that this article talks about either could not comment or were unavailable to comment. So what is the purpose of this article? Honestly, sounds like some endorsed publication to help a start-up out.

The last I heard even in local Japan, Cisco still dominates. I don't have the exact numbers (75% ???) and the data could be platform dependent. My point is that I don't think a lot of these boxes will be sold locally. So the question is how well they can export.

So, I speculate and hope that this one design win pans out for ZettaCom. As for other design wins ... hmmmm.

Sisyphus 12/4/2012 | 9:16:31 PM
re: ZettaCom Has Designs on Fujitsu > .. the three key companies that this article
> talks about either could not comment or were
> unavailable to comment ..

I wouldn't be so sure. Which company do you work for? They got you to comment. :-)

Any yes, LR is known as a very charitable institution indeed! And investigative reporting, where facts are uncovered without anyone offically commenting on it, is utterly questionable!

What was your point...?
papabear 12/4/2012 | 9:16:28 PM
re: ZettaCom Has Designs on Fujitsu Fujitsu is surviving about like everyone else. No they probably will not have another layoff before Christmas but, they are closing the facility for the entire week of Thanksgiving without pay unless you use vacation time. They will also close between 12/23/02 - 1/3/03, same conditions.

One way to save money.
MrLight 12/4/2012 | 9:16:14 PM
re: ZettaCom Has Designs on Fujitsu Besides what was in post 4 from pablo, I have seen only three significant announcements in the last 6 months (since SuperComm) from Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc :


"Fujitsu launches evolutionary, all-photonic FLASHWAVE 7500 metro core platform" up to 800 Gbps.

".... has announced its high capacity, all-photonic FLASHWAVE 7500 metro core, DWDM system with service transparency, wavelength grooming and low total-cost-of-ownership. Non-disruptive service provisioning, scalable growth, reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexing (OADM), cross connect (OXC) functionality and increased network flexibility are made possible through an all-photonic core.

....Optical Shared Path Protection Ring (OSPPR), Self Tuning Network capability, an all-photonic switch core and the drop side optics to reach customers..."


"Shaw Big Pipe, a division of Shaw Communications Inc., has completed its [redundant fiber backbone]New York corridor using optical transmission equipment from Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.. the FLASHWAVE 7600 and the FLASHWAVE 7700 long haul, DWDM applications. The FLASHWAVE 7000 platform provides self-tuning network functionality..."


"Latest FLASHWAVE 7300 is smaller with 22-channel tunable lasers"

November 7th Fujitsu Network Communications of Richardson, ....notes RHK estimates that the company is the leading optical transport equipment vendor in the metro aggregation market with 60% market share, announced the latest release of the company's FLASHWAVE 7300 highdensity transponder system. This was said to offer "an extremely small footprint, tunable lasers and efficient power utilization".

...Fujitsu said the FLASHWAVE 7300 offered

a.Self‑healing network protection.

b.2.4 Gbit/s multiplexers/transponders, or muxponders, to maximize the utilization of wavelengths.

c.FEC to achieve longer spans.

d.Digital wrapper technology to enhance the performance monitoring and fault isolation of signals in the DWDM domain.

e. 22‑channel tunable lasers, which allow all wavelengths in the entire C and L bands to be supported, decreasing card inventory costs by up to 84% throughout the network.

f.The ability, when used in conjunction with the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 7700 long haul DWDM system, to transport 176 full duplex channels at 10 Gbit/s in under five racks.

g. Power consumption of only 3.5 watts for each gigabit of full duplex traffic."


So Fujitsu is doing something.

One thing to note is the quote "RHK estimates that the company is the leading optical transport equipment vendor in the metro aggregation market with 60% market share", is very specific in that the metro aggregation market is a subset of the metro optical transport market.

Second thing to note is there is no mention in Fujitsu's announcements about Virtual Concatenation, which has me wondering about what they are doing on this front.

MrLight :-) Shedding a bit of light on FNCI
ramanand 12/4/2012 | 9:16:12 PM
re: ZettaCom Has Designs on Fujitsu Dear Sir,
Kindly send me the regular subscription of the "How is Fujitsu doing these days? "

Thanking You

edgecore 12/4/2012 | 9:16:12 PM
re: ZettaCom Has Designs on Fujitsu I am always amazed at how information such as silicon design wins in new projects is leaked to the public.

Does Fujitsu have a history of telling the world what new components will go into their networking equipment...I doubt it?

NDA's are worth jack I guess!

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