Whither Littlefeet?

Its all gone very quiet at once-fancied mini-base-station startup Littlefeet Inc., with some Unstrung readers claiming that the small (but exquisitely formed) vendor is now defunct.

But there are little hard facts to be had about Littlefeet's demise. Here's what we do know: The company's Website has been down since at least last Saturday. Calls and emails to the firm's U.S. operation went unanswered by press time.

The company is listed as an exhibitor at the 3GSM conference in Cannes this week but has failed to turn up, leaving a distinct gap in Hall 4's floorplan. "They have gone bankrupt," an event spokesperson tells our correspondent in the sun.

Further scuttlebutt has one message board poster proclaiming: "They are dead. I just finished clearing out their building after the auction for benefit of creditors."

Littlefeet has scored a total of $47 million in venture funding since its inception and looked to be gaining some interest in its mini-base-station architecture (see Littlefeet's First Steps and Littlefeet Kicks Into China).

Have its arches fallen? More news as we get it. [Ed. note: and more foot jokes!]

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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