Weekend Recap

NOON -- What you missed over the weekend in the world of digital content:

  • Warner eyes EMI once again
    This would be a huge step backwards for the music industry, as EMI has pretty much let anyone who wants to sell their catalog DRM-free go for it, while the honchos at WMG are really not havin' any of that mess.

  • The Pirate Bay takes on YouTube with Video Bay
    Everyone's favorite rogue torrent tracker dives into the digital video hosting melee, unabashedly promising to ignore copyrights. It would be great if Video Bay could act as a magnet for copyrighted content, as it would free up some resources at the rest of the sites that were previously tied up with legal teams. We'll see.

  • Hypebot continues its series on eMusic
    Rake that muck! Rake that muck!

  • NEWS ALERT: Movies and music not the same!
    A reality check from Media 3.0's Shelly Palmer. Really though, everyone needs to consider how content is consumed when they consider how it should be shared and/or protected. This should not be a revolutionary idea.

  • Writers' Guild scrambles for Internet compensation
    As online content is no longer online promotional, new deals must be made. (via PaidContent)

  • Joost leaks its plans for the future
    Mashable earns their two-brim hat with this find. I don't love Joost's apparent push into extreme sports and comedy clips, as Joost is one of few legitimate options for full-length features on the computer. Leave that three-minute crap to everyone else.

  • The eBay album
    Norwegian artist will release the lone copy of his album to eBay. It's like a referendum on physical media!

    Another pile of TV execs colonizes the Internet
    Next New Networks... niche... micro... short episodes... cars... etc. You know the drill.

    Little Loca crosses over
    YouTube star Little Loca will co-host a half-hour CW network show about the best viral videos of the week. Why the hell you would watch a TV show about the Internet is beyond me; real success would be a legitimate TV role. Just sayin'.

    — A.L. Friedman, Editor at Large, Light Reading

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