Verivue Courts Carrier CDNs

Verivue Inc. is capitalizing on the rush of cable and telecom service providers into the Content Delivery Network (CDN) business, unveiling Tuesday a CDN-in-a-box approach that combines the elements needed to get into that business quickly. (See Verivue Launches CDN Solution.)

The OneVantageT Content Delivery Solution combines Verivue's capabilities with those it acquired last fall when it bought CoBlitz. Polish telecom operator Telekomunikacja Polska SA has already deployed OneVantage, primarily to deliver online coverage of live events. (See Verivue Buys CoBlitz to Help Telcos.)

More service providers are choosing to build their own CDNs, in part to be able to protect their broadband customer base, says Jim Dolce, CEO of Verivue.

"Service providers have invested heavily in optical and packet infrastructure," Dolce says. "With all of this rich media content traversing the network, the user's quality of experience is dependent as much on the CDN layer as on underlying packet and optical layers. If they don't take control of the CDN layer, [service providers] can't control the overall customer experience."

Why this matters
Broadband service providers are looking to do transparent caching of content at the edge of their networks to avoid carrying that traffic -- particularly popular over-the-top video content -- multiple times through their core and edge networks. They then have to choose between contracting with a commercial CDN operator such as Akamai Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: AKAM) or Limelight Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW) or building their own regional CDN and potentially boosting their own revenue base.

Verivue is trying to nudge them in the latter direction by making it easier to take the do-it-yourself approach through bundling high-performance cache, request routers, a full set of management and analytics suites and professional services.

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