Unified Munchiness

6:00 PM -- One time, my boss followed me to the bathroom…

From the PR pile, a pitch that probably only makes sense to people who are incapable of actually answering their cell phones during dinner:

It started with remote access to email. Then came the occasional cell phone interruption from the office during dinner. But now a 'find me/follow me' feature offered with unified communications technology allows companies and customers to hunt and find employees no matter where they are.

Interview Harprit Singh, CEO of Intellicomm, a unified communications service provider, to learn more about the emerging debate surrounding this new technology and its effect on the work-life balance. Mr. Singh can also discuss why thousands of workers today opt to use technology that grants remote access to the office from any location through features such as find me/follow me, voicemail, fax, and e-mail.

To interview Mr. Singh, please contact Meredith Glanzmann at 610-642-8253 or [email protected]

I will agree to this interview. But ONLY if his PR folks give me Mr. Singh's home number and the approximate time that he eats dinner.

— Phil Harvey, Hangups Editor, Light Reading

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