Travel-Size Toilet

4:00 PM -- Reuters reports on a Japanese manufacturer that's finally developed a toilet for the car. Looks like you'll have to find another use for those empty beer bottles:

    If you're stuck in traffic when Mother Nature calls, Japan's Kaneko Sangyo Co. has developed the loo for you.

    The manufacturer of plastic car accessories drew back the curtain on Tuesday on its new portable toilet for cars.

Which differs from its new portable toilet for parasails and water skis.

    The toilet comes with a curtain large enough to conceal users and a plastic bag to collect waste.

Does it also come with a friend to grab the wheel? Uh. Whoops...

    "The commode will come in handy during major disasters such as earthquakes or when you are caught in a traffic jam," a company official told reporters, according to Kyodo News.

Yes. When I'm driving during an earthquake the first thought on my mind is always "I wish I had a private place to pee" -- not "Oh. I'm dead."

    The product is small enough to fit inside a suitcase, the company said.

The size of what goes in the product depends on how much Taco Bell you had at the last rest stop.

— Red Panda, Light Reading

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