Time to Shine: The Leading Lights Awards Are Back

Light Reading is pleased to announce the return of the communication industry's top awards program, the Leading Lights Awards. (See Call for Entries: LR's Leading Lights Awards.)

For complete details on the Leading Lights Awards, including the contest entry form, go to: www.lightreading.com/leadinglights. Got a question about the awards? Don’t fret. We've answered what we think most of you will ask about Light Reading's Leading Lights Awards right here: Leading Lights FAQ.

What's changed?
In past years, we've used the Leading Lights stage to honor one or two top executives from the industry for their hard work, leadership, and grace under pressure. This year, we're (virtually) opening a Light Reading Hall of Fame, where we'll not only remember all our past Industry Statesman or Person of the Year award winners, but we'll also recognize five new executives -- the famous and the infamous -- for their undeniable impact on the next-generation communications industry.

Readers can nominate any executive they'd like for Light Reading's Hall of Fame. Click here to do that now or visit www.lightreading.com/leadinglights at your leisure.

New categories
The award categories for 2010 include Best New Product (Cable), Best New Product (Mobile), Best New Product (Telecom), Best New Service or Application (Cable), Best New Service or Application (Mobile), Best New Service or Application (Telecom), Company of the Year (Private), Company of the Year (Public), and Best Deal Maker.

Though the world is converging, we recognize that most products in communications are aimed at specific markets and specific networks, so we're pleased to make those distinctions in our awards and to recognize more great products than ever this year.

Also, we think there's less of a distinction between what an application is and what a service is these days. So we're happy to treat the two things as one for these awards, while again recognizing that there's room to honor both a mobile app and a cable service without forcing them to compete for our attention.

The awards program is completely free to enter, but you must first become a member of www.lightreading.com.

Get your entries in early; we'll close the Leading Lights nominations process on September 2. And, as our newly updated editorial calendar spells out, we'll announce finalists for the Leading Lights during the week of September 20.

Good luck!

— Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

digits 12/5/2012 | 4:32:07 PM
re: Time to Shine: The Leading Lights Awards Are Back

"Infamy, Infamy... they've all got it infamy" as Kenneth Williams once bleated as he played Julius Caesar.

Can't wait to see what sort of nominations we get for the Hall of Fame.

Greenbone 12/5/2012 | 4:32:01 PM
re: Time to Shine: The Leading Lights Awards Are Back

...and just as fun (if not more) are the halls of shame.  I'm curious to hear about the worst telecom train wrecks, past and present.

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