The Verizon iPhone

8:40 PM -- Oh well, another unveiling day for the iPhone and -- yet again -- no version for Verizon Wireless , as had been widely rumored.

I think its just about time to put this rumor out to pasture. Every year it's same chatter and then -- nothing -- as per usual.

If Verizon was going to get a pure CDMA iPhone, then today should have been the day it was launched, if not before that. It makes no sense for Apple to launch after this point, as Verizon is transitioning to Long Term Evolution (LTE) late this year and its rivals will have smartphones on the new network by mid-2011.

I actually think an iPad with LTE and WiFi onboard and no worries about supporting traditional CDMA voice services is a much more likely route for any partnership between the two now.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Light Reading Mobile

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