The IMS Blues

5:00 PM -- A cautionary note about the new hot topic in telecom: IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS).

At the moment, all the talk is about how the technology will link many different types of networks in a brave new world of voice, video, and data connectivity.

But think about what that really means for just a minute. It means that your boss will be able to contact you at anytime and anyplace. When you are at home watching the TV, your own personal Insect Overlord will be able to contact you, and not simply by calling but by actually coming on screen and talking face-to-face.

The horror!

When you are trying to get away from it all in the Bahamas -- okay, better make that the Catskills on a humble hack's salary -- they will be able to find you.

Is that what you really, really want?

Fortunately, it's possible that IMS will never actually work as promised. But if the eggheads do get this technology running smoothly, you better watch out, because the concept of a private life will probably look like a quaint hangover from the 20th century.

Best enjoy it while you still can.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

ramieret 12/5/2012 | 2:56:06 AM
re: The IMS Blues For sure it is a danger to be followed up by technology : when the fixed line doesn't answer, it rings your mobile, your TV etc... But I do thing this can be controlled : anyone should be able (and free : that is perhaps the issue) to activate/deactivate the devices and to filter the call as well. To make it simple : in almost all the places, the mobile is reachable, people not. This means they sometimes turn it off, turn the sound off, filter the messages etc... When the user keep control of the device, it should be ok. If the people are said to be reachable or if the technology become passive (like intra-skin RFID) it may be another thing ... Hope they will not make mobile-always-ringing implants !!

Tanneguy, FRANCE
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