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The Network Edge: Where Services Go to Thrive

'Life-on-the-Edge' -- it sounds like a tagline the marketing committee at a surf or skate brand might default to in a (vain) attempt to sound cool and resonant. Alternatively, it could refer to a Quantum Biology theory that questions the fundamental tenets of science.

At Light Reading's upcoming Big Communications Event (BCE) (May 14-16 in Austin, Texas), it's the name of the conference track dedicated to the new distributed network architecture that hosts services and application logic close to customer to ensure performance and economics superior to anything possible today. This involves a fundamental re-architecting of the network that will have a sustained, long-term impact on how end users consume services and how operators deliver them.

This, I think you'll agree, is cool and sciencey.

The panel I will host and moderate is about the most demanding, and most transformative, of these services -- applications that require ultra-reliable and low-latency communications (URLLC). The term URLLC was, of course, developed during 5G specification work, but in practice applies to use cases deployed across the network and delivered over wired, WiFi, LTE and 5G access connections.

Here's what my session is about:

    Ultra-Reliable, Low-Latency Communincations & the Network Edge
    In re-architecting and optimizing networks for ultra-low latency services, operators can deliver a flood of high-value mission-critical and production-critical applications that demand fast response times and real-time actuation. Examples include virtual and mixed reality, factory automation, remote control robotics, and much more. This panel will look at what is required to deliver ultra-low latency networks and which services types will require such capability in the near future.

The current line-up for this panel discussion (with further names to be added) is:

  • Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst, Heavy Reading
  • Hugh Carspecken, CEO, DartPoints – a specialist edge data center company
  • Jeni Panhorst, Senior Director, Strategic Planning & Program Management, Network Platforms Group, Intel

See you there. I'll be in a suit and tie, but come in skate shoes if you want.

— Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst, Heavy Reading

Light Reading's Big Communications Event is the ONE event that delivers fresh perspective on the rapid transformation of the telecom industry and the road ahead. We'll see you May 14-16 in Austin -- communications service providers get in free!

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