The Bigger Bubble

4:20 AM Mobile startups are hot, but VC spending on wireless is much more diverse than it was during the previous Internet bubble

smturner-nyc 12/5/2012 | 4:55:13 PM
re: The Bigger Bubble

The "disruptive pain" of explosive 3G/4G mobile data traffic is empowering "disruptive" solutions.

Re-envisioning the mobile infrastructure -- so as to support the proliferation of media-rich/cloud-base Mobile APPs -- is where the innovation -- and needed funding -- should and will occur next.  

As I see it, the "holy grail" for  WiFi Offload, would be in fully emulating the functionality+interoperability of celluar networks, including--

<li>--auto-provisioning/authentication (AAA services), </li>
<li>--seamless bilateral 3G/4G-toWiFi Data Roaming (transparent mobile User session handoffs),&nbsp; </li>
<li>--3G/4G OTT value-added services (SMS, MMS, etc.) over WiFi would be nice too</li>
<li>--(finally) tracking and remaining "tethered" to subscribers during WiFi sessions-- producing CDR (data records).</li>

All so as to "productize"/monetize WiFi . . &nbsp;

&nbsp;Blu-Linx Technology&nbsp;www.blu-linx.com does just that:, a start-up founded by a group of sasoned 3G/4G network design and value-added services (VAS)&nbsp;integration engineers + "carrier-garde WiFi antenna network specialists,

--&gt;3GPP-compliant functionality+interworking over WiFi spectrum

Let's dialogue;a remote '"live" Demo can be conducted, if you like.

CrunchBase Profile: http://www.crunchbase.com/company/blu-linx-technology&nbsp;



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