Tastes Like Chicken

10:00 AM -- Reuters reports on the latest trend in Danish Cuisine:
    Danish zookeepers slaughtered animals in their care, including more than 50 muskrats, and served the meat to unsuspecting friends and family until zoos changed their rules, newspaper Ekstra Bladet reported Friday.

    "A single muskrat serves up to four people. You just have to avoid saying what it is before your family has eaten it because it sounds disgusting," elephant keeper Peter Jensen was quoted as saying...

    The zookeepers also feasted on antelope and gaur, the newspaper said.

    "It's always a success when you can serve you friends something special," zookeeper Nikolai Rhod said...
One elephant serves 400.

— Larry, Inedible Attack Monkey, Light Reading

issey 12/5/2012 | 3:09:49 AM
re: Tastes Like Chicken That is sick if it is a true story...
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