Start-Ups Debuting Solutions at Cable-Tec Expo

Several start-ups will make their debut at the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers' (SCTE) Cable-Tec Expo in San Antonio this week. Some of the new kids on the block we'll be looking at include MediaCell, Whaleback Systems and Proxilliant Systems. MediaCell (http://www.mediacell.com) has developed a 'Wireless Drop' solution that has been deployed by Kabel Deutschland's Munich system and two unnamed U.S. MSOs. The platform creates a wireless link for the last hop to the home from the pole or pedestal, enabling carriers to connect new residential and business customers without the need to wire each premises for service. MediaCell's platform can operate in a range of unlicensed and licensed frequencies spectrum and supports up to four 'service cell sectors' per 'Wireless Tap,' with each supporting up to 100 Mbps. Swedish start-up Proxilliant Systems (http://www.proxilliant.com) will debut its Dynamic Ingress Blocking technology, aimed at increasing cable upstream capacity and reliability for services such as IP telephony. Dynamic Ingress Blockers (DIBs) are installed close to amplifiers on the HFC network to monitor ingress on troublesome coaxial segments. The return path is opened when needed to support valid transmissions, and then closed when inactive to contain RF problems. Finally, Whaleback (http://www.whalebacksystems.com) is unveiling a voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone system aimed at helping broadband providers deliver a PBX-replacement solution for small and midsized businesses. Whaleback was founded by Cedar Point Communications founder Mark Galvin.
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