Siren Songs

6:30 PM -- I have more photos from Vegas, including some of my favorite entertainment train wreck, The Sirens at TI.

Let's start by soaking in the view from a random Venetian veranda.

What's that snoring you hear? It's the crowd at Caesar's Palace being crooned into a coma by Celion Delion.

I'm not clear on the plot of The Sirens at TI show. I am clear that I was charged $8 for a V&T at the Tangerine Bar, so there must have been something special about the show. Let me try to explain what I saw. See, there was this guy who boards a ship of lingerie pirates...

His crew, a bunch of dudes (not pictured), decides to try to rescue him, but they can't because they're outdanced by the underwear models. Or something.

I need to take a quick second here to point out that when I was in journalism school, I never thought I'd get to use the words "lingerie pirates" in my professional endeavors. Honestly. It never occurred to me. Yep, I'm pretty sure that's how it all happened.

The end.

— Phil Harvey, Underpants Gnome, Light Reading

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