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SerDes Pays Off

2:00 PM -- ATLANTA -- Aeluros Inc. deserves a nod today. It's getting acquired by NetLogic Inc. for $57 million. (See NetLogic to Buy Aeluros.)

Between TelcoTV going on and Atrica Inc. getting bought this morning, though, Aeluros is getting squeezed out of our news budget. Them's the breaks, guys...

Aeluros was one of a few startups making 10-Gbit/s interface chips, aimed mostly at Ethernet. But the market was tough, and similar startups like BitBlitz and Velio faded into the background. (See Intersil Acquires BitBlitz and LSI Snares Velio.)

Aeluros was telling me last year that their business was doing well. Apparently so: $57 million in cash -- plus another $20 million if they meet milestones -- is a bigger price tag than I would have guessed.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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