Resumé du Jour

12:45 PM -- Most resumés that come across the transom are pretty boring -- but the other day I got a real zinger.

Here's an excerpt from the "Miscellaneous" section:

“I'm a founding member of Dziva, an 8-piece marimba ensemble. Appeared in the Manhattan Class Company’s 1990 Off-Broadway production Sex and Power. In 1982 I won some Turtle Wax on The $50,000 Pyramid. I've made and sold waterbeds, worked for a bluegrass promoter, and tended bar in a Lower East Side dive. I have two essays published in the creative writing textbook Writers Writing, Boynton/Cook Publishing Inc."

Clearly, we need to find a place for this person...

— R. Scott Raynovich, US Editor, Turtle Wax Enthusiast, Light Reading

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