Rebranding New Jersey

2:00 PM -- If you live in or near the Garden State, you're probably aware that a couple of rich dudes have been trying to buy the governorship by running zillions of TV ads, mostly showing the other guy with a drawn-on mustache, or wearing devil horns.

"Can you trust New Jersey to a man with a twirly mustache? We don't think so. Snidely Whiplash: Wrong for New Jersey."

But while they've been busy fouling the airwaves and making N.J. look even worse than usual, the Acting Governor (yes, there still is one) has been considering how to improve Jersey's image by rebranding the state... and he wants your input on a new slogan.

Hey, Codey, listen up! Here's RP's best shots:

  • New Jersey: The State You Love to Hate
  • New Jersey: Home of the Bridge and Tunnel Crowd
  • New Jersey: It's Not Just For Landfills Anymore
  • New Jersey: Joe Piscopo Lives Here
  • New Jersey: The Superfund State
  • New Jersey: America's Strategic Mall Reserve
  • New Jersey: Smells Like Victory
  • New Jersey: Better Than Delaware
  • New Jersey: A State Desperately in Need of a Slogan

— Red Panda, Slogan Shogun, Light Reading

Scott Raynovich 12/5/2012 | 2:55:37 AM
re: Rebranding New Jersey You forgot:

"We make Taxachusetts look cheap."
o-man 12/5/2012 | 2:55:36 AM
re: Rebranding New Jersey New Jersey - You will never fill your own Gas Tank
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