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3:00 PM -- I've been waiting to dig into my email bag and to see what readers think of Light Reading's new look.

Here's one:

Dear Editors,
I signed up for a Webinar and still haven't received my free T-shirt. Is that coming soon?

Hmmm. Well, let's try another one:

Dear Editors,
Did you change the Web site? It looks different. I can't find the email address where I'm supposed to complain about not getting the free T-shirt I was promised when I signed up for a Webinar a month ago. What's going on?

Alright. There's got to be at least one in here with some constructive criticism on our new design, our new search engine, the launch of LRTV… something.

What kind of publication are you that you haven't sent my free T-shirt yet? I signed up for one yesterday and checked my mail this morning and it's still not there. I'm going to report your fraudulent activities to the authorities if I don't get my T-shirt in the next fifteen minutes.

I'll keep you updated with reader opinions as the week wears on. Keep those emails coming.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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