Radio: The Internet's Best Friend

8:45 AM -- You should watch our copy chief extol the virtues of radio:

After watching Mr. Cramer, I thought: What does radio have to do with the future of the Internet, anyway?

Well, a lot. I pay a small fee each month to get radio programming delivered via the Internet from Sirius. The BBC, NPR, CNN, Fox, and a half dozen or so other networks around the world all come to my iPod Touch, PC, or automobile in crystal clear stereo sound with very few commercial interruptions.

Verizon and other TV providers tout Internet radio as a hit with consumers -- an offer that gives their video product some staying power in the home.

So radio and the Internet are getting along well. And I like radio a lot, even though I never actually listen to a proper radio.

— Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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