Qwest Qwestions

2:40 PM -- Qwest's new CEO is being shielded from the harsh (and sometimes flattering) glare of the Light Reading spotlight these days. Since taking his new post, our hero, Captain Ameritech, also known as Edward A. Mueller, has been locked away in his fortress of solitude, pondering the fate of the once great (well, as phone companies go) Midwest incumbent carrier.

Since we can't get an audience with Mr. Mueller, we figured it was worth telling our audience what we would have asked, were he available. Here's our short, short list of things we really want to know from Qwest's new CEO:

  • Where will Qwest's growth come from in 2008?
  • How will Qwest get rid of all its debt?
  • What types of strategic opportunities do you see for Qwest in the near future? Is the company more likely to acquire or be acquired?
  • Given how fierce the competition is in Qwest's enterprise business, what does the carrier have to offer that companies can't already get from AT&T or Verizon Business?
  • Do you see that Qwest's share buyback plan will continue? Will it start paying dividends again during your tenure?
  • Since Qwest has so many partners comprising its consumer services bundle, why should someone remain a Qwest customer when cable provides all the same or comparable services on a single wire?
  • Dogfighting: Yea or Nay?

I'm sure others have questions, too. If you do, feel free to jot them down on the boards below.

— Phil Harvey, Barely Managing Editor, Light Reading

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