Patent Nostrums 2007

10:30 AM -- Email solicitation o' the day:

    Red Bull, Monster and others built a huge demand for energy drinks. People love them, people buy them. And people pay a lot of money for them.

    Here is just one of the Crave advantages. Crave is a concentrated powder and is in a stick pack that people can take with them while flying. You can't take beverages through security, but you can take Crave's concentrated powder, and just add it to water.

    Everyone else on the airplane will wonder why you are smiling and full of energy...
Hmmm... Could it be the Levitra®?

Thanks, but I'll stick to the tried and true, available on most modern airlines:

Or better still, if you're flying Aer Lingus:

— Larry, Tired Monkey, Light Reading

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