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Don't hold your breath for a 5G Hail Mary from Apple

Apple is reportedly preparing to unveil a virtual reality headset as early as next year. But the gadget shouldn't excite 5G operators just yet.

Incoming FCC chief could inherit RDOF boondoggle

The FCC's recent Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Phase I auction came in below expectations and will provide money to fresh faces. President Biden will need to decide whether that's good or bad.

The last days of Vivint Internet

Vivint Internet announced plans to shut down service to 8,500 customers just two weeks before COVID-19 rampaged across the US. This is the story of the company's collapse.

Breaking down the 2021 cloud, automation and virtualization predictions

Some offer predictions and prognostications. Our former cloud analyst steps in with her reactions and reminds us that moving critical telco systems to the public cloud for telcos is a considerable challenge.

Five 5G takeaways from Samsung's new phones

Samsung, the world's largest smartphone vendor, released new flagship Galaxy S21 phones. The gadgets have significant implications for the 5G industry.

As C-band bidding slows, telco debt expected to skyrocket

Activity in the C-band auction is slowing with $80.7 billion in gross proceeds. Already T-Mobile is looking to raise $2 billion, likely to help pay for its purchases.

CSG's new CEO sizes up growth in mobile, business diversification

CSG is the top 'challenger brand' in wireless revenue management and will back that up with big deals and potential M&A opportunities aimed at bulking up the company's product portfolio, CEO Brian Shepherd says.

T-Mobile manages to tame Sprint's churn

T-Mobile reported that its postpaid phone churn was 1.03% in the fourth quarter of 2020, which the financial analysts at New Street Research said was 'down dramatically year-over-year.'

Verizon indefinitely delays 3G network shutdown

First Verizon planned to shutter its 3G network at the end of 2019. Then it delayed that plan to the end of 2020. Now, Verizon says 'we don't have a plan to shut it down at this time.'

CableLabs forges agnostic wireless connection for operators

Intelligent Wireless Network Steering (IWiNS) technology is designed to help mobile users optimize their connections across Wi-Fi, LTE and CBRS networks on an application-by-application basis.

COVID-19 forces UCC rethink – report

A new report from Omdia says lockdown measures have underlined the importance of business continuity over disaster recovery and shunted unified communications and collaboration (UCC) to the fore of industry thinking.

Cloud-native networking will move from trials to reality in 2021

Wireless network operators are already moving to cloud-native applications, but experts say the industry will see more automation and re-architecting of services in the coming year.

Monetizing 5G is operators' biggest challenge for 2021 – Omdia

A new report indicates that making money from 5G could well be network operators' biggest challenge as they move into 2021.

Watch out for more 10G PON in 2021 – report

Omdia envisages the next-gen PON market to heat up next year due to greater demand for capacity and ROI attractions of GPON infrastructure reuse.

Will the C-band auction set up US operators for a European-sized failure?

Sky-high prices for 3G spectrum licenses helped to ruin many European operators after auctions in the 2000s. With $70 billion in current bids, the C-band auction could do the same to US operators.

Vodafone, AT&T sign up for 5G via SpaceMobile's satellites

Startup SpaceMobile said it now has the $500 million it needs for 'Phase 1' of its launch. Likely as a result, Vodafone and AT&T are SpaceMobile's two official customers.

T-Mobile's 2021 5G goals: improved speeds, upgraded voice

Following his launch of standalone 5G, T-Mobile's Neville Ray hopes to push the envelope further by launching carrier aggregation and VoNR technology in 2021.

Ciena's opex flex

Looking ahead to 2021, Ciena's CEO talks about its 800G systems, network automation and webscale supplier status as the company looks beyond the pandemic.

Here's the 5G glossary every American is apparently going to need

'5G Ultra Wideband,' 'Extended Range 5G,' '5G+,' '5Ge,' '5GTF,' '5G Nationwide' and plain-old '5G' are just some of the labels Americans will have to navigate. Good luck with that.

AT&T falls behind Verizon in mmWave race

In 2018, AT&T loudly boasted that it was the first operator in the US to launch mobile 5G in mmWave spectrum. Now, two years later, the operator has little to show for its efforts.

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