New Car Smell?

5:00 PM -- Tirrrreedddd of the smell of your tires? Well then, your prayers have been answered! CanWest has the scoop:

    Forget aromatherapy -- Kumho hopes to sniff out a new segment in the tire market with what it's calling the world's first "fragrance automotive tire." Smell fishy? It's not.

    Earlier this year, the Korean tire company began selling its lavender-scented Ecsta DX Aroma Tire. The company apparently put more than a year's worth of research into a way to replace that traditional rubber smell with the "alluring" aroma of lavender; the company plans to add orange and jasmine scented versions in the coming months.

Yes, "alluring" is always a good quality in a tire. Especially for those who've a hankering to be roadkill.

Anyway, here's the kicker:

    The company says the Ecsta DX Aroma Tire is targeted at female buyers; really?

Wait... They let females drive now? Really?

— Red Panda, Female Driver, Light Reading

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