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Neos Intros Ethernet Over Copper

LANGLEY, U.K. -- Neos, creators of the UK Liquid Bandwidth Ethernet market, announces today the launch of Ethernet over Copper as an extension to their existing Ethernet point to point and Ethernet VPN services. Ethernet over SDSL (Symmetrical DSL) provides an extremely cost-effective solution for connecting branch offices to Neosnet at speeds of between 128Kb/s and 2Mb/s at distances of up to 6Km from any of the 100 Neos National pops. For customers that have ultra-long tail circuits but modest bandwidth requirements, Neos can deliver Ethernet over traditional E1 tail circuits. "The addition of Ethernet over Copper increases our last mile Ethernet connectivity options to give greater choice to our customers" commented John Wheeler, CEO Neos. "Our national point to point Ethernet and multi-site Ethernet VPN services offer optical LAN Extension Circuits, wireless licensed or unlicensed microwave, dark or lit fibre provided by Neosfibre, free space optics and now Ethernet over copper as well." Neosnetworks
laserburn 12/4/2012 | 9:47:01 PM
re: Neos Intros Ethernet Over Copper Ethernet? Over Copper?

WOW. That is revolutionary. 8-)

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