Mime Goth

4:45 PM -- I've been in Vegas almost 18 hours. I'm still sober and I have some cash in my wallet, so I'm probably not having a good time.

I do, however, have some observations.

Observation 1: Is there a limit to the number of genres you can jam into one show? A sign inviting me to a "futuristic rock comedy featuring the music of Queen" has just become my favorite new example of advertising that tries to reach every demographic on Earth simultaneously and, yet, still isn't that interesting. If you're a sci-fi fan, a musical theater fan, a rock-n-roll fan, a comedy fan, or just someone who has a pulse and can't think of any other way to spend $100, go see this show today!

Observation 2: Goth chicks, be careful what you wear when you're all gothed up. A brooding, raven-haired Suicide Girl-in-training sat next to me on the flight out here. The problem? She was wearing a red and white horizontally striped shirt. With her gothness and the shirt, she looked like a mime. I kept glancing behind me as we passed through the airport to see if she'd suddenly start walking against the wind.

Observation 3: Was Las Vegas the birthplace of the velour track suit? I'm seeing them everywhere in the hotel here. And that's not a good thing -- the women wearing these track suits aren't the kind of folks you generally associate with track.

Observation 4: If your hotel is a Medieval-themed monstrosity called Excalibur, do you really have to advertise that your dinner show features "jousting, invading armies, dragons, fire-wizards, and dinner"? Isn't that sort of expected? Shouldn't you only advertise the really unusual show, like "Excalibur presents An Evening at the Library" or "Excalibur's NASCAR Adventure"?

— Phil Harvey, Futuristic Rock Comedy Editor, Light Reading

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