Microsoft Set to Paddle?

4:45 PM -- Today on Contentinople, the site covering the rise of the digital media industry:

  • Is Microsoft climbing aboard the canoe? The software giant recently acquired Navic, which develops software for interactive TV applications, and Cable Digital News editor and Contentinople contributor Jeff Baumgartner predicts that this deal could land Microsoft a lead oar for Canoe Ventures.

  • Akamai and Limelight are back in court today to argue post-verdict motions after Akamai won the patent infringement suit against Limelight in March. However, nobody really expects a conclusion.

  • Tiger's victory over Rocco drew record viewers to NBC and ESPN on Monday, with 9.1 million page views on NBC and 10.4 million on ESPN.

And in today's News Bits: LinkedIn, the "professional" social network, collects $53 million in its latest round of funding.

— The Staff, Contentinople

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