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LR Rules Supercomm Lanes

The twin vices of B&D (bowling and drinking) are returning to the telecom industry in a big way, as demonstrated by a gathering hosted last Tuesday by Light Reading at Supercomm 2005 in Chicago.

The effect of this emerging trend on carriers, vendors, and the financial sector is analyzed thoroughly -- a bit too thoroughly, in fact -- in a stunning new report called "B&D Market Makes a Comeback." The report was written by Light Reading Inebriated, an extremely unstable analyst group, based in an office somewhere between the typing pool and the old wine cellar.

To get a free copy of the report (as a PDF file), click here.

Regardless of what the so-called analysts say, several firsthand accounts of the party paint a picture of a highly successful event.

Granted, writing a story in the aftermath of a Light Reading party is a lot like trying to unravel a crime coverup -- everyone you interview sounds guilty, no one remembers anything, and all information is vague at best.

Still, several sources say Light Reading's bowling team, headed by Amy Averbook, Light Reading's events manager, prevailed in an eight-team tournament, despite an unprecedented slump by Averbook herself in the final frames.

Averbook, apparently feeling some pressure to actually -- get this -- manage the event, tried to bow out as gracefully as a dozen previously consumed gin and tonics would allow her, sources close to the situation say. So she went about wildly chucking gutterballs as far as three lanes away. Light Reading could not independently verify this source's speculation, and we'll be damned if we're picking up the phone to ask Averbook herself.

In addition to source accounts, we have several photos from the event that help piece together the night's happenings. And, to add a touch of sanity to the proceedings, we've also thrown in a few photos from our (yawn) news coverage at Supercomm 2005:

Meanwhile, back at the Supercomm booth…
— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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douggreen 12/5/2012 | 3:11:20 AM
re: LR Rules Supercomm Lanes Sorry I couldn't attend the party. On the other hand, for the first time in years there are no LR party pictures that I have to explain to my wife :)
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