Level 3 Claims Faster, Cheaper Long-Tail Service

With today's introduction of a new service called Content Delivery for Extended Libraries (CDXL), Level 3 Communications Inc. (NYSE: LVLT) says it can serve large libraries of long tail content faster and more efficiently than before.

The monetization of the long tail carries certain challenges. Because it is not served frequently enough to justify residing in CDN's edge servers, content owners must pay for its storage -- as well as paying transit costs when it is accessed. That results in "an economic inefficiency and a technological inefficiency," says Ric Poland, director of product management for Level 3's content markets group.

The new service offering attempts to remove these inefficiencies by enabling content providers to move large libraries of digital content onto Level 3's own infrastructure. By doing so, the company says its customers can substantially lower costs associated with storing and transporting their content.

"Level 3 has invested significantly in developing a massively scaleable, highly redundant storage repository. And because we've invested so much [in storage], we're offering economies of scale," which, Poland says, even giant content providers won't be able to match.

For more on Level 3's new CDXL service, see the full story at Contentinople.

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