Less Is More

6:00 PM -- Now that Supercomm 2005 is over, it's time to recycle some of the bumpers that we've been showing before and after our LRTV coverage of the show.

Bumpers, by the way, are pre-recorded elements that act as a transition to or from other content. They're especially helpful in a format like LRTV, where we're not running commercials.

Our first bumper is about the tendency for folks to try to get too much info across in a single sound bite.

The tendency is understandable. Companies have loads of stuff going on, and, generally, they don't want to imply anything less by focusing on one thing.

But the tendency, while understandable, is also worth a good giggle. Which leads to LRTV's "Less Is More" bumper:

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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