Laundry Wars

NOON -- My favorite Yuba-County-based Website, Yuba.Net reports on a controversy you may not have known about:

    For months, both houses of the Hawaiian legislature have wrangled over two bills that would make it possible to hang out your clothes on the tropical islands of the State of Hawaii. On Tuesday, Governor Linda Lingle vetoed the legislation and while Senate acted to overturn this veto, the House leadership stood by.

    "It is disappointing that House leadership chose not to override the veto of the 'Right to Dry' bill. Given our current energy crisis, it is inconceivable why lawmakers deny Hawai'i residents the right to dry their clothes in Hawaii's hot sun," said Jeff Mikulina, Director of the Sierra Club, Hawai'i Chapter...

    Similar legislation passed and was signed into law by the Governor of Colorado this spring. The states of New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Maryland, and North Carolina will work on "Right to Dry" legislation next session.
I didn't realize clothes-lines were banned in so many places. The issue has been sadly underreported. But there's even an organization dedicated to their renewal: Project Laundry List. Give 'til it hurts.

— Larr'y, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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