Larry Ellison, Loser

11:45 AM -- Well, we've all suspected that Larry was a bit of a hard charger. But here's some real data that proves it.

According to our new site feature, the Wealthometer, Ellison's personal wealth has slipped $209.85 million today based on Oracle's stock price. Of course, the Wealthometer says Ellison's net worth is still north of $18 billion, so today's stock action probably hasn't give him cause for concern, but watching his fortunes fluctuate is entertaining nonetheless.

In addition to the Wealthometer, my other favorite tool we've added is the credit card calculator. I just figured out that, with my current payment rate and interest charges, my Nordstrom's card will be paid off right around 2046. And I'll be eligible for a senior's discount then, too.

Good times.

— Phil Harvey, New Widgets Editor, Light Reading

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