IBM's BladeServer Blitz

IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) yesterday launched its BladeCenter-T server in an aggressive move to expand the market for hardened data center server technology.

IBM says the BladeCenter T systems are both Network Equipment Building System 3 (NEBS 3) and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) compliant, meeting the needs of telecom data centers. The BladeCenter T is also hardened to withstand "high temperature, electrostatic discharge, lightning strikes, airborne contaminants, fires, and violent shaking," says IBM. [Ed. note: No mudslides? Sandstorms? Tsunamis?]

The product's resistance to ‘violent shaking’ presumably refers to its ability to survive structural threats rather than the potential damage caused by stressed-out network managers.

So what's the gist of it? IBM's looking to expand the appeal of blade-server technology, which has made inroads in high-end data centers, as a standardized way to use inexpensive, interchangeable, PC-based technology. The hardened server equipment would appeal to both telecom firms looking for a beefed-up service platform as well as high-end enterprise data centers looking for a carrier-class platform .

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— James Rogers, Site Editor, Next-gen Data Center Forum

joe_average 12/5/2012 | 2:12:30 AM
re: IBM's BladeServer Blitz Not a bad product for a first time try at a telco-grade product. They certainly have a great marketing person who spins a mean story on NEBS compliance!

The data sheet is sorely lacking in some real basic carrier grade features.
-The airflow looks totally non CO-standard.
-Where is the reliability data? Is everything redundant?
-No real view of cabling and power feeds.

Joe's grade: B- Nice try but more work required.
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