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2:30 PM -- OK, just venting here. Nothing worse than PC troubles. And I've had a few this week.

IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) says they can't come fix the machine -- or replace it -- without sending it back to them. Even if we wanted to pay to fix it or buy a new one, IBM doesn't keep any laptops or spare parts in local inventory (not even in the metro NYC area). The minimum turnaround time will be 3 business days.

Just wondering aloud -- shouldn't you be able to replace or fix a laptop in New York City in less than 3 days? In this case, I'm on day 5, with no end in sight.

It wasn't always like this. It makes you wonder whether IBM having sold it's PC business to Lenovo has something to do with it.

— R. Scott Raynovich, US Editor, Light Reading

optimizer 12/5/2012 | 3:13:28 AM
re: IBM Floptop We just had that happen here in Cedar Rapids, IA. VP was visiting and his laptop died. We had paid for onsite support with the laptop. We call IBM and they say that it will be several hours before they can get a tech to us. The tech calls and says that he is the only tech in about 100 mile radius that works on laptops and he won't make it that day. We did get IBM to ship us a motherboard and the next morning the guy was there and fixed it. Funny thing was that he wasn't well versed with laptops and so he ended up using another T42 that we had to help him figure out how to put the first one back together. All due to cutbacks by IBM and the fact that they outsourced a lot of the field tech support and then tried to bring it back in house. This managed to drive off a lot of people. But, hey, this was all while Lou was 'saving' the company. (Well, saving the big stockholders and gutting the company, but it is all in your perspective.)

I just did an EZ-Serve on my T41, out on Tuesday, back on Thursday. Worked like a champ again. It just seems bad that Dell can outsource their field support and make it work reasonably well. I know, I see their guys at work quite a bit.
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