IBM: Chip Ahoy?

6:30 PM -- IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) eggheads are back in the news with a chip that may promise a better life for couch potatoes everywhere.

Turns out they have a chip that will wirelessly deliver content like HDTV 10 times faster than WiFi today, which means it can send data at around 630 Mbit/s. It operates at 60GHz and has a range of 10 meters or less. IBM Labs is currently running a prototype of the chipset.

Sounds pretty cool right? Yet another way to remove that tangle of wires behind the entertainment center.

Remember, however, that this is IBM Labs we're talking about. The place that still hasn't delivered my favorite application of the future: digital paper.

Digital paper was all the rage a few years ago. IBM talked up the prospects of using a very thin high-resolution foldable computer screen as a digital download medium for your daily paper and other content. And then -- poof! -- nothing.

Now, maybe I'm just sore, but every time I see new stuff come out of IBM Labs I always wonder if it will ever really hit the market. So, my advice to couch potatoes is settle back with a big bag of real chips and not worry 'bout the IBM silicon too much until there's something that uses it that you can actually find on the shelves at Best Buy. — Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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